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    Are there any records about the town of Craft, MS, which no longer exists, and its founder Whitmel Craft?


      My 4th grandfather, Whitmel Craft, with land acquired by his marriage to Susan Nubbe, a Cherokee, created a town in Smith County, MS and called it Craft, MS.  The town was created sometime between 1812 and 1820.  A graveyard, Double Church Cemetery Graveyard, is still on the property that was part of the town.  I'm fairly certain there was a post office located there at one time. I have found word of mouth documents but no official ones.  Where can I find official documents concerning the town of Craft, MS which no longer exists?  I've exhausted my level of knowledge trying to find anything I can.  I was told by a cousin that at one point Susan tried to sue Whitmel about the land but I'm uncertain if that is fact or not since she supposedly died shortly after they married.  From all the records I could fine, they married in 1812 in what was then Covington County I believe which became Smith County later.  Whitmel's son, Dr Jesse Craft, was his heir.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.