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    Seeking transcripts of USCG Active

    Katherine Van Niman Newbie

      I am seeking transcripts of the USCG Active, 20-21 Jan 1975, pertaining to attempted rescue with CCG Alert, CCG Narwhal, and HMS Assiniboine in the North Atlantic, and the cargo ship Barma. I am researching family history of my dad and his crew who were rescued from their sinking ship, Barma, on Jan 20-21 1975.  I have newspaper clippings from Canadian press and the memoirs of his wife, Barbara Van Niman, who was on board as ship's cook.  They left Halifax on Jan 17th.


      I just don't know where to look for information about the ships which were on the scene.  There was also a Soviet fishing trawler, Chechen, who pulled pumps out of the water to help with the rescue. I thought if I could get copies of the radio communications between the ships, Boston CG station, and CCG, it would help me with the narrative of this event. Thank you for any help you can give me.