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    Seeking information about a 1940s picture puzzle

    Luci J Baker Johnson Adventurer

      I have a friend, who recently discovered a puzzle in the sideboard of her family home. The puzzle is of, what is referred to as, "Eight Bells". The writing on the image indicates that it was issued by Picture Puzzle Weekly. We're assuming that the puzzle was made about 1904's. Not sure if it was a commemorative puzzle or what. I'm attaching an image of the puzzle.

      What makes this a mystery, is that actual pieces of the puzzle vs. the image. Here is an image of some of the pieces found, within the puzzle pieces.

      By looking at the pieces, there have been some assumptions made, BUT we'd like input as to what others think. Here as the questions:

      1. Is anyone familiar with this particular puzzle and/or similar puzzles?

      2. Might it have been a commemorative puzzle?

      3. Any thoughts on the history behind such a puzzle?

      4. Any clue as to how many of these puzzles were made?


      Any insights would be appreciated.