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    What does PVTD mean for Civil War casualties?


      What does the abbreviation  PVTD in regard to wounds in battle mean for Civil War records? While looking at records on Fold3, I noticed this phrase on my ancestor's record, then found it on others. "Wounds PVTD at battle of Stones River."

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          J. Andrew Scout

          Could you please link the record or provide the name so we can look it up and see the full record in context?

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            Jason Atkinson Ranger

            Dear Ms. Proctor,


            Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


            Without knowing which record you are referring to, it is difficult to say for certain. However, we contacted the Illinois State Archives about a similar use of the PVTD abbreviation on their Illinois Civil War Muster and Descriptive Rolls Detail Report and were informed that “PVTD” was a transcription error.  In that example, it should have been “REC’D” which is an abbreviation for “Received.” There may be the same transcription error with the record you are using. Fold3 should indicate from which institution they received the information in databases. You may wish to contact that institution with a link to the record to request a check of the original records.


            We hope this information is helpful. Best of luck with your research!


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              I asked the the historians in Frederick, MD at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine if they had seen PVTD and there response was similar to Jason's answer.  Terry and the folks at the Museum are extremely qualified in Civil War medicane so I woul put a lot of weight behind their judgement.


              Regards,  Neil


              June 1, 2020


              Dear Neil O’Leary:


              Thank you for your inquiry to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. We often get queries about different abbreviations used during the Civil War, and recently got a question about this exact one. Unfortunately, PVTD is not an abbreviation that is known to us. In context, my guess would be that it is a mis-reading or misspelling of Rec’d, short for “received.”


              Do you have an image of the original written document? That would help in the identification.


              I have included a short bibliography on Civil War medicine. Our Museum store sells many of these books, please call 301-695-1864, ext. 6000, for prices and details. Museum membership information is on our website www.civilwarmed.org. Most members receive our journal, Surgeon’s Call, which includes information on the Museum, specific artifacts, and research reports. Membership dues support the Museum. Thank you again for your interest and good luck with your research.



              Terry Reimer

              Director of Research

              National Museum of Civil War Medicine

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