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    Seeking contracts for tracked air cushion vehicles

    james cohen Newbie

      I am doing research on the development of so-called "tracked air cushion vehicle," (aka "advanced transportation systems") carried out under the auspices of the Dept of Transportation's (DOT), Office of High Speed Ground Transportation (OHSGT) and Urban Mass Transportation Administration, between 1964 and 1975. DOT/OHSGT signed major contracts with Garrett AiResearch Corporation and Grumman Aircraft Engineering (aka Grumman Aerospace Corporation) for development of air cushion vehicle technology. The Urban Mass Transportation Administration did the same with Rohr Industries (aka Rohr Corporation). I would like to find/read the contracts that were signed between the Federal Gov't and these corporations. DOT Research Services and FRA "Research Hub" were unable to locate Contracts. The corporations themselves do not have archives. I have searched the NARA Catalog, using various relevant keywords and phrases, without success. Can anyone suggest how/where I could find these Contracts? Thanks.