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    Searching for Naturalization papers/C-File for Francesco Cacciolfi


      I'm searching for Naturalization papers/C-file for my paternal Great Grandfather, Francesco Cacciolfi, who was born 8/27/1882 in Dragoni, Italy. I have searched Ancestry, Family Search, NARA (all offices are only responding to immediate/crucial requests), the county clerk from his county and USCIS to no avail. I have an appointment to prove dual citizenship coming up with my Consulate in San Francisco on June 21, so I can't wait to find the paperwork. If I can find his C-File number, I can submit a more specific request to the USCIS that might be addressed sooner, but without any of those offices being open for genealogy requests, I'm not feeling hopeful. I have immigration and census information for him, I just need his Naturalization C-file number, so any help on additional places to search would be fabulous! Thanks!