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    Seeking information on Donald Grant


      There is a 26-page JFK file on Donald Grant that holds a lot of information. I have looked over it and am still rather perplexed. Was he a spy? It seems as if the FBI was rather suspicious of him and he knew a lot of interesting people. His second wife was Mary Hagan (who is mentioned in the JFK file) was imprisoned in Israel for alleged spying. He and Mary Hagan (changed to Grant) eventually moved to Ireland where they lived in Sheepshead Ireland. Donald Grant wrote a book called White Goats and Black Bees about farming in Ireland. It makes little mention of their intriguing past.



      Note: Donald Grant and his future wife Mary Hagan were good friends with Mario Garcia Inchaustegui and his wife. Mario and his wife both died in the plane crash MH653 that was hijacked by unknown assailants with unknown intentions. This goes to show that Donald Grant knew very interesting people.


      My Great Grandparents were friends with the Grants and went to visit them in 1977. That is the main reason I am so curious. Why were my Great Grandparents friends with them and how did they meet? I suppose I will never know but if there is any more information on Donald Grant (or Mary) I would be most interested.