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    Seeking my great-grandfather WWI records


      I have recently found 2 possible records of my great grandfather immigrating to the US (Ellis Island) from Poland. One record shows a 20 yr old arriving in 1909, the other a 26 yr old in 1910. My great grandfather and his brothers were escaping the Russian regime (Poland has been removed from the world map for 123 years and didn't regain its independence until 1918) but I don't know if they were able to do it at the same time. I only know he joined the military and volunteered or was sent to France to fight in the Battle of Verdun (WWI). It happened before the US officially joined the Allies so I am having trouble finding his division. He was later injured at the battlefield and returned to Poland where he married my great grandmother. Maybe if I'm able to find out more about his military records, I'll be able to identify the correct record on Ellis Island. Thank you!