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    Seeking proof father served in Army


      My father graduated from his Army Training at Fort Knox in 1957.  The graduation book is the only evidence of his service since NPRC had a fire in 1973.  He talked about volunteering to drive for a short in stature general, 3 or 4 stars, I am not sure. Any ideas or photos? He may have been recorded in other photos or documentation. The title of the 'graduation book' is "The United States Army Training Center, Armor"  , "Ready Reserve Training" CO. D-6th BN, 1957, The Commanding General was Major General Paul A. Disney

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          Elliot Schneider Ranger

          Hello Philip,


          Have you tried contacting the county clerks office or county veterans service office. He may have had his discharge papers recorded at the county level were he lived. Also if he ever received any care from the VA they may have service records.





          Elliot Schneider

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            I have a few possible avenues for you.


            (1)  Are you sure that his records were lost in the fire?  Many personnel records were burned, but some finance records survived.  If the National Personnel Records Center has already told you that the records are gone, then you're out of luck.


            (2)  If you know what units he served in, you can try looking in the Morning Reports.  They are available for 1957 and later.  The good thing is that they were not involved in the 1973 fire.  The bad thing is that they have not been digitized, so searching in them has to be done at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis.


            If you can't go to St. Louis, your other option is to hire a researcher.  The NPRC has a list of researchers to choose from.  I would start with https://www.archives.gov/personnel-records-center/vso/morning-reports.


            Be aware that the research at NPRC is temporarily closed to the public due to the public health situation, so you probably won't be able to get any information until it reopens.


            (3)  You can search the interwebs for the units he served in.  Many units have alumni associations. 


            (4)  Are there any names on the Basic Training photo?  You could check vetfriends.com.  If you can find someone who served with him, you might get some leads.


            Good luck.



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