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    Reviewing transcribed documents


      I don't have a question, but would rather like to impress on anyone who sees this that I find it very helpful and NECESSARY to have open an online dictionary and access to the Internet while reviewing or transcribing documents.  Although I feel I have a very good vocabulary and command of English, we are reading documents written over 150 years ago, and with words that are no longer common to modern English speakers.  Also, when  unsure of a famous person's name or initials or the name of a geographic location, I find it usually easy to locate it online, thus saving me time and increasing the likelihood that my work is correct.  For instance, I came across the name of a building in Chicago, which had been transcribed "Trumont" but when I investigated it, I learned the correct name was Tremont.  There was even an old photograph of this hotel, which may be gone now.  Have a good day.