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    What does A.A.Q.M. mean?


      During the Civil War, did A.A.Q.M. refer to something related to a Quartermaster? What is it abbreviating?

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          Elliot Schneider Ranger



          Look like according to rosters It was for the "Acting Assistant QuarterMaster" also known as AAQM



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              A.A. Q.M. - Acting Assistant Quartermaster. Of course! This makes perfect sense. Thank you, this is quite helpful....


              And true to form, the answer raises new questions for my understanding..... In researching the personnel of the 33d Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, “The Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers” indicates that John W. Nichols enlisted September 11, 1862 and is listed here, and in “Wisconsin at Vicksburg”, as the Quartermaster. I am assuming he was the regiment’s Quartermaster from the time of his enlistment, yet under the “Remarks” column in “The Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers” it records that he was “A.A.Q.M. from Mar., ‘64 to M.O.;” (muster out). It confuses me to think he was Quartermaster from September 1862 till March 1864 when he became A.A.Q.M., Acting Assistant Quartermaster...., and there wasn’t anyone else recorded as becoming Quartermaster to replace him. . . . . ? The more I think I understand, the more questions I have....


              p.s. Henry Clay Jackson of Company D, 33d Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry is my great-great grandfather. I’m compiling a narrative of his company’s movements and activities during his three-year service.

              thanks for the help...

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              Jason Atkinson Ranger

              Dear Mr. Mitchell,


              Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!

              According to the listing for “quartermaster” in the Glossary of Military Terms from the National Park Service, the abbreviation stands for acting assistant quartermaster.


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