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    Did Pearly & Evelyn Monroe get a divorce?


      The Monroes, one of California’s first prominent black families and farm to fork pioneers lived in Coloma California. Pearly’s grandmother Nancy Gooch was enslaved when she arrived in California. Her family was able to purchase 350 acres in Northern California that the state of California and local white families systematically took.

      Pearly Married my grandmother Evelyn Binion in 1931 in Sacramento. The State took property that was my grandmother’s after Pearly passed on the grounds the two divorced. I know they filed for divorce but I was told it was never finalized. I have the petition but there are no court documents to prove they were divorced. No divorce decree. My question is were they truly divorced? If so why can’t I find any records? I do know the state took substantial property from the Monroes, I'm thinking this was just a continuum.