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    Seeking information about the 1st wife of Thomas Henry Smith


      Thomas Henry Smith was married to my great-great grandfather's older sister, Martha Reddick (1805-1846). I believe she was his second wife.  He had 4 children between 1818-1826. At that time, Martha was still at home with her parents & siblings in Center Township, Indiana County, PA.  All I know about the 1st wife is a hash mark on the 1820 census indicating she was between 26-45 years old.  She does not appear in the 1930 census.  Her 4 children were Rebecca (1818-1899) (married to Dixon Bartley 1806-1900), Margaret, Joseph, and Elizabeth (1826-1907) (married to James Grant Hilliard 1827-1870).  Rebecca and Elizabeth are buried in Bear Creek Cemetery, Petrolia, PA.  Thomas Henry and Martha and several of their children are buried in Mt. Varnum Cemetery, North Washington, PA.  I have Thomas Henry Smith's will in which he names all the children.  Anybody have a name for his first wife?