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    please re-open  this page

    Sharon McKinley Adventurer

      Here's an  interesting MCT letter in German.



      Someone mis-transcribed the name of the author (I can't blame 'em!). Juliane Mangin provided me with the links to this and another letter, with a more legible name.



      So, look, here's the deal. I don't think that a tag of GERMAN is useful. I can't take it off. grr...I have added the author's name and dates in a tag (there's a story here. She was deported from Wiesbaden to Theresienstadt in 1942 and died there in 1944. amazing what you can find on the web!). I'd love to  fix the name. It's nice that we have the tags as a way to show the correct spelling, but will they be on our site any time soon? And can we (or should we) get rid of the (to me) useless tag? Or maybe it's not useless. Please advise.