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    Seeking immigration & naturalization records of deceased parent


      How would I find the official immigration records for a now deceased parent who entered the country illegally from Canada (abt July 1929)? He was then caught leaving the country thru Port Huron, Michigan (abt 20 Nov, 1932) as a married man under a false name with his unwitting wife. He managed to escape immigration custody and enter Canada. He remarried his wife in Canada (12 Dec, 1932) under his true name. Then he travelled to Ireland with his wife, and then re-entered at Boston, Massachusetts ( 10 June 1933) as an alien who last resided in Canada.  Complicated to explain, but on 6 July, 1933, immigration officers from Port Huron questioned his wife’s parents about his whereabouts and then continued to investigate him.  Eventually. they met up and an agreement was reached. He was not prosecuted for his past transgressions.  I’d like to read the official record.   He was naturalized in 1946.    Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!