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    Seeking information on US Army Garrison APO 264


      I have submitted a Form 180 to get a complete military service report on my father: William Edwin Johnson, S/Sgt, US Army, who was born in Sterling, Kansas, 7 August 1921.   In 1940, he initially enlisted in the Kansas National Guard (35th Infantry Division, 130 Field Artillery Battalion).  The entire guard division was then mobilized for active duty and initially sent to the west coast where my dad and his battery of 155mm guns were assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 56th Coast Artillery Regiment.  Then in 1944, he was shipped out to the Pacific with the newly designated 48th Coast Artillery Battalion assigned to the US Army Garrison APO 264.


      Unfortunately, I could not find anything on the US Army Garrison APO 264 to include what units were with the garrison, besides the 45th and 48th Coast Artillery Battalions, or where it was physically located in the South Pacific area of operations.  If you could please research this for me and point me in the right direction it would greatly appreciated.


      Bottom line:  I don't know if the 48th CA Bn saw separate action in support of the Battles of Angaur and Peleliu, or if certain batteries were attached to the 906th Field Artillery Battalion, 81st Infantry Division???   I should have asked my father before he passed, but it is too late now. Many thanks again for your assistance,