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    Transcribe legible bleed-through text from other documents (ie onion skin or carbon copy pages)?


      Depending on the ink and the type of paper used, one page's text sometimes gets faintly transferred onto another page, especially in cases of carbon copying, slow-drying ink, and the really thin sheets of typing paper ("onion skin"). I'm working on some letterpress copied pages that were intended to each be one piece of correspondence to one person; but transposed over that text, or upside down, a different piece of correspondence to someone else is visible, and it isn't a reverse print of the text. It is much harder to see than the intended text of the page, but usually much of it is legible.


      What I would like to confirm is whether this bleed-through or bleed-over text should be included in the transcription, as it wasn't part of the text when the document was created, and exists in better quality on a different page. I can see valid arguments for and against, and I find some volunteers are including it and others are not. I've been adding it a few lines after the main text, the same way a page with multiple columns would be transcribed.