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    Seeking Talitha on 1880 Federal Mortality Census in Bosque, TX


      I located the (given name) Talitha of who I believe is my third great-grandmother on the 1880 Mortality census in Bosque County, Texas.  I cannot be sure this is my Talitha because the microfilming of the page she is listed on was photographed badly.  The surnames of every person were left off... leaving only given name/first and all other information.  All the other information listed fits her perfectly.  With a somewhat unusual name in that place, time, and events I believe it is my Telitha CLARK.  BUT I CANNOT find anywhere else that has a different/correct copy.  Ancestry.com seems to be the only place with that film.  Any advice on where I could find another copy of this census.  Even an index would help.  Thanks for any advice or help in finding her!