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    Seeking records of Army Signal "A" Corps during WWI

    Keith Rouleau Newbie

      Are there any records of the Army's Signal "A" Corps during 1917-1918 in France?  My Grandfather served in World War I (1917-1918) as a Meteorologist in Signal "A" Corps in the South of France.  All his military records were lost in St. Louis during their terrible fire in 1973.


      I'm trying to find out at least what the US Army Signal Corps "A" did and where they were located within Southern France during this time (1917 - 1918) and whether or not this Signal Corps saw any kind of front line action during the war.


      He, like so many other veterans, came home and NEVER discussed his experiences.  All I know is that he lost his hearing in one ear apparently due to a bomb exploding nearby, so that leads me to believe that Signal "A" corps did indeed see action.  I just would like to know in what battles if those records exist.


      As far as records go, I do have copies of both his US Army Registration and Honorable Discharge papers that list what unit he served within (Signal "A" company).  I did get from St. Louis his a copy of his last Army service pay stub and receipt for other travel expenses.  That's it.