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    Seeking histories of 315th Engineer Regiment


      Seeking stories / diaries / photographs involving life as a soldier of the AEF in the 315th Engineers Regiment, 90th Division, F Company.  My grandfather was Luther Crit McKinney from Madison County, Iowa. Luther Crit McKinney, my grandfather, died in 1938 when my father was a newborn baby. We have very little information on my grandfather.  He lived through the Great Depression as a farmer in Truro, Iowa.  After the war, he spent time at Clarinda State Hospital in Clarinda, Iowa, and confined in the mental institution.  He suffered greatly from depression. Treatments and therapies were different then and I can only imagine what he may have endured.  All we really know is that the war as he experienced it traumatically affected him.  This is really the only information we have about him. He was a soldier in WWI and part of the 315th Engineers Regiment Company F in the 90th Division.  I am searching for any information/stories involving ANY aspect of Luther's life experience.   Any personal information regarding his character or even more general insights as to these life experiences would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


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