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    Seeking more records of the Luftwaffen-lazarett 2/XII (Frankfurt a/M)

    Nalia Warmack Wayfarer

      Hello! I have been conducting research regarding Luftwaffen-lazarett 2/XII (Frankfurt a/M) in several German archives (without luck) and in the National Archives where I was very excited to find some documents in the Archives’ Foreign Records Seized Collection after many months of research.


      After reading the procedures that were taken regarding seized records specifically during World War II, my question is: After records were declassified/microfilmed and later shipped back to Germany, does anyone know if there was one particular archive they ended up at or if they were dispersed later on? Or if there is another series/collection I can check in the National Archives that might pertain to what I am researching? I am hoping to be able to further my research should the records be unrestricted/available online. Thank you!