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    Seeking records about Seisek family


      Hi - I was looking for information on my father's side of the family. My father recently passed and I was curious about our ancestry. I'm not having much luck finding records that I know exist (like his military records) let alone information on his extended family from Germany. I'm curious if maybe his ancestor's last name was changed or shortened when they came to the US from Germany. I tried Ancestry (even DNA) and still couldn't get very far. I was very close with my dad, but even he didn't know much about his great - great - great grandparents.


      • Father's Name - Kenneth Roy Seisek Born on May 10, 1950 in Pittsburgh, PA
      • His father's name was Frank Seisek - also born in Pittsburgh, PA - married Ruth Ritter
      • Grandmother's name Elizabeth Seisek


      My ancestors came to the US from Germany. Is there a site I can check to see their name before it was changed to Seisek upon entering the US? This may help me in my search. I don't get very far when searching for "SEISEK".  Thank you in advance for your help.

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          Henry Rosenberg Pioneer

          Hi Amanda- Genealogy research can be very difficult when you have limited information. I have had issues trying to find ancestors in Europe. I am around your father's age and I have been able to find information mostly through birth and death information. I use familysearch.org. I listed some information below but as I warn, use it with a grain of salt. It may not be your family and could lead you on a wild goose chase. If you can verify these are your relatives it may give you a starting point. Sometimes you can find information by searching for peripheral people. Your question about names is appropriate. See if your father had any documents that might list an alternative spelling. My mother's maiden name was Goodman and I had to search for Guttman and Guttmann. Don't get frustrated. I have been doing this off and on for twenty years and occasionally you find a good amount of info and sometimes you find nothing for a while.


          This is from familysearch.org. You need to set up an account but it is free. This may be be your great grandfather's marriage licence. However, take it with a grain of salt until you can verify with other documentation. Click to view the original document. It lists his wife as Lizzie which could be short for Elizabeth.

          It says he was born in Austria. Of course Austria could mean Austria,Austria-Hungary, Germany or Czechoslovakia. I've been dealing with similar genealogy issues.



          This lists death info for a Frank J Seisek but be careful. It may not be him. It corresponds datewise to the marriage info I sent above but as I said you need to verify.



          Census information for Frank J and Ruth Seisek 1940. The address is in the left margin.



          Good luck,


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            Rebecca Collier Ranger

            Dear Ms. Heukeshoven,


            Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


            For births and deaths recorded in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since 1906, please contact the Pennsylvania Department of Health. For marriage certificates, please contact the county where the marriage ceremony was conducted.


            We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!


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