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    Should I Transcribe A Different Document At The End Of The Photocopy?


      Ii'm currently transcribing photocopies of double page spreads (in the Herencia project) and the final scan has the end of my document on the left and a clearly different document on the right.


      My document is "Admonition by the Cardinal Bishop of Porto, Flavio, to the Archbishop of Mallorca, concerning said Archbishop's suspension of certain rights and privileges held by the Church of the General Hospital of the city of Mallorca. [Ca. XVII century]."


      The page on the right belongs to a different document--which I know because looking at the Herencia project, the next document listed begins with this as its first "page". That second document is "Statement to clarify certain doubts arising out of an anonymous document issued on December 13, 1710, containing certain misrepresentations on the legal status, rights, privileges and exemptions granted by several popes to the General Hospital of the city of Mallorca. [June 21, 1710]."


      What is the protocol here? Right now, the entire last double-page spread of the first document is already in a different project (and happens to have been transcribed in full). Transcribing it separately seems to be redundant and would also occasion inconsistencies.