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    Seeking James Thorpe's Wedding Newsreels

    Dorothea Brennan Wayfarer

      Jim Thorpe (Native American, Olympic Medal Winner, Carlisle Indian School) was married in Carlisle PA in 1913. I know that several of my relatives attended the wedding, but the only photo I have is a picture of the wedding party. There are similar pictures of the wedding party available on various sites. Just prior to the wedding contemporary newspapers indicate that it was going to be filmed by 2 different crews. The reference does not provide names of the crews or who hired them, but I assume that it was for newsreels and news coverage. I have checked with the Library of Congress and the Cumberland County Historical Society, they do not have any additional material from the wedding, I have tried checking with the Jim Thorpe museum but don't believe they have anything either.


      I am looking for a copy of the newsreels. I am also looking for any photos that show people in attendance at the wedding. A list of guests would help too. I believe they included: Ruth Rachael Hemminger, Daniel and Mary Brennan  Any leads would be greatly appreciated.