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    Seeking post-WWII testing records of ME 262B-1a/U1


      Hi, I am looking for help to locate information on the night fighter ME 262B-1a/U1 that was ferried to the US from German after WWII and tested in the US after WWII. It was allocated the tail number FE-610, the original Werk number was 110306. Are there any test reports?

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          Dear Mr. Gersel,


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          We searched the National Archives Catalog for “ME-262.”  The search produced the following results.  We would especially recommend looking into the records located in the series titled “Central Decimal Correspondence Files, 1919-1950” in the Records of U.S. Air Force Commands, Activities, and Organizations (Record Group 342) as it may contain records of interest to you.


          The main U.S. efforts to study the ME-262 after the war were conducted by Technical Intelligence, T-2, Air Material Command, Wright Field, Dayton.  We searched the National Archives Catalog for “Air Material Command” and “Technical Intelligence” in the Records of Headquarters U.S. Air Force (Air Staff) (Record Group 341).  We also used these keywords to search for any records in Record Group 342. The search results can be found here and here. Please contact the reference unit listed in each series description.


          Also, you might want to read a two part blog post on the ME-262 written by Dr. Greg Bradsher and available online here and here.


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          We hope this information is useful.  Best of luck with your research!