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    Seeking video evidence from 1969-1970 congressional investigation


      In 1969, CBS produced a documentary called "Project Nassau." It was never aired, but congress held hearings about it in 1969 & 1970 (due to several ethical questions surrounding the film). These hearings are now public record. The outtakes and a rough cut of the documentary were entered into the record during the hearings, and I am looking to see whether that footage (or any related documents, photos, or other materials) are accessible.


      These hearings were conducted by the House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. They were held in 1969 on July 17, 24, 30, September 11, 17 & November 7, as well as in 1970 on February 10 and April 16th. A transcript of them, including an index of all the evidence at the end, is readily available on google books here.


      Does anyone know anything about this? Thank you so much for any help, I hope everyone is safe and doing well during this crazy time!