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    Content of Declaratory Statements (DS)


      I'm interested in knowing exactly what would have been contained in a DS. Would it have included date of entry or settlement, for example?


      I'm particularly interested in patents obtained on the former Osage Diminished Reserve in Montgomery County Kansas. I've looked in the tract books for this area and, beneath most entries, are small annotations such as:


      D.S. 2959 John Smith  NE 1/4 Dec 26 ’69-Aug 17 ‘71


      I'd always assumed those dates were taken from something written in the DS but now I'm not so sure. I'm also curious as to what those dates represent. This particular entry had a date of sale of November 15, 1871.


      I'm guessing the first date is the date of entry and the second would be ???


      In some of the annotations, these two dates are very close, such as one that has "July 25 - Aug 8 '71"

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          My understanding is that the declaratory statement is a when the homesteader provided verbal information of when they settled on (or claimed) land.  This statement was recorded in the land office.  Any actual documentary paperwork would have been turned into the office and included as part of the Land Entry case file.  Land entry case files are held in Washington, DC and you can request them through the order online system.  


          Please be aware per the order online website.

          The National Archives and Records Administration has suspended reproduction and digitization services until further notice due to COVID-19. Any orders placed will not be serviced until such time that operations can resume safely. We apologize for any inconvenience. Once operations resume your document reproduction request will be serviced in the order it was received. Customer service representatives are available to answer questions regarding orders currently in our system at  trustfundsupport@nara.gov.