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    Seeking records of the 86th ARCOM for 1968-1974

    Elliot Schneider Ranger

      Hello, My question is about the 5th Army before the Base Realignment was stationed at Fort Sheridan. Along with other organizations that fell under the 5th Army. My question is where did Army records managers send their records to prior to the 5th Army being relocated to Fort Sam Houston. I am  searching for 86th ARCOM records from the time they were organized in 1968 to 1974. These are the ones I can't find.


      My search has led me to the FRC in Fort Worth, Texas; the FRC in Suitland, MD; and the FRC in Chicago, IL. The only records that the National Archives in College Park, MD has for the 86th ARCOM are for the years 1975-1992. This does not help me because the records I seek are from 1968-1974. I have also contacted Mr. Crawley-Gibson, Army Records Manager, and his office has no clue where they are. They don't show up in ARMIS or ARCIS or whatever system they utilize for records management.


      Please assist me in finding the missing records I seek. They should be somewhere at one of the FRCs or Regional Archives but so far I am coming up empty handed. I have also noticed that this seems to be the case for all ARCOM records, not just the 86th. Most of the records after the Vietnam War for ARCOMs are at the National Archives but not any prior to 1974. ARCOMs were created after the Corps groups went away. DOD created ARCOMs and then FOSCOMs and so on. Thanks