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    How do I insert checkmarks


      I have a list of names. Each is either followed by a check mark or the line is crossed out. How do I make these edits?

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          Meredith Doviak Adventurer

          Hi there, Laura:


          If you are not able to replicate a symbol with your keyboard, you could use brackets. For example, type [checkmark] in place of the symbol in the document. Similarly for a line that is crossed out, simply type [crossed out text] next to the words that are crossed out.


          Thank you for your contributions!


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            If you are on the Apple Macintosh platform, checkmarks can be created with the key combination CTRL+V..


            Hope this helps.


            -Mal Atteberry

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              Joseph Gallagher Newbie

              Here is a link that will describe how to insert any symbol with your keypad.


              Note - This does not work in the NARA transcription box. You have to create the mark in Word, Notepad, Wordpad or some other MS app. Not sure if it works in Apple.

              You can, however, simply copy the check mark and paste it into the transcription window.


              I use this method:

              Special characters are usually notated in Unicode as U+nnnn, where nnnn is the hexadecimal code point value of the character. For example, the check mark ✓ is notated in Unicode as U+2713 so its hexadecimal code point is 2713.


                  Place your screen cursor on the location where you want to insert the special character.

                  Type the hexadecimal Unicode code point of the character (using the numeric keypad for the numerals and the normal keys for the letters), and immediately after;

                  Press and hold the left ALT key, press the X key, then release both keys.

                  The special character will appear at your cursor’s location.


              Example: Type 2713, then press and hold the left ALT key, press the X key, then release both keys. This enters the checkmark symbol ✓.


              ✓ Unicode point value 2713

              Unicode point value 2714

                 Unicode point value 1F5F4

              ✗ Unicode point value 2717

              Here is a list of other related Alt X codes:


              Hope this helps.

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