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    Seeking connection between Ben McIntosh & Capt. William McIntosh


      How do I find information on Ben McIntosh, a black/Creek descendant of Capt. William McIntosh? I am trying to find the connection between Ben McIntosh, my great-grandfather, and Capt. William McIntosh.  Grandpa Ben was a farmer, part Creek Indian. His wife, Hattie Randolph, was half Seminole and black.  I have one reference that implies that she as a girl was part of the Trail of Tears.  I would really like to complete more of this part of our family tree for my 84-yr old dad who was raised by Ben when his father died. Any help would and is appreciated.

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          There actually were several “Trail of Tears” over the years other than the famous Cherokee forced migration and the Seminole removal out of Florida. However, there is only one roll of the Seminoles being forced out on National Archives Microfilm Publication No. 1831: Miscellaneous Indian Removal Muster Rolls, 1832-1846. The Seminole section for 1833, 1836, and 1837, includes both Seminoles and slaves. The same records are described in the National Archives Catalog as series Muster Rolls Concerning Indian Removal, 1832-1846 in the Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (Record Group 75). The records and the microfilm are not digitized yet and available in the Catalog. For access to and/or copies of the Seminole section, please contact the National Archives at Washington - Textual Reference (RDT1) via email at archives1reference@nara.gov and inquire about any relevant records for your ancestors.


          We suggestion that you review Oklahoma Historical Society website for references to

          two children named Bennie or Benny McIntosh who were both Creek Freedman. They were  listed in the Dawes Rolls with their parents. We also suggest that you search the Free US Indian Census Rolls 1885-1940 for information about Hattie Randolph.


          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!


          [Information provided by Cody White, Subject Matter Expert]


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