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    Seeking WWII Rosters from 1944-1946

    Elliot Schneider Ranger

      Hello, I've heard some interesting recently about Unit Rosters from the period of 1944-1946. According to Army regulations Army Rosters were destroyed in accordance with Army disposition authorities at that time. But I've heard that these were actually microfilmed or microfiche before they were destroyed and possible put into the same records as the morning reports. Can anyone confirm this that NARA at that time period did microfilm before destruction. Thanks

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          Rebecca Collier Ranger

          Dear Mr. Schneider,


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          After WWII, the U.S. Army established a central records repository in Kansas City, MO to receive the inactive records of the Army and the Army Air Corps. In 1956, the first National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) was completed and the Army retired its Kansas City Records Center holdings to the NPRC. In 1969, non-personnel related records were transferred to the Washington National Records Center (WNRC) in Suitland, MD. All of the Army records held in the NPRC and the WNRC at this point remained in the legal custody of the Army. The disposal of the 1944-1946 unit rosters were destroyed by the Army in accordance with the General Records Schedule and are no longer available. Since the records were in the legal custody of the Army prior to destruction, the National Archives & Records Services would not have microfilmed the records prior to destruction.


          We located Technical Manual 12-259 for Disposition of Records that was published in 1945 that may be of interest..


          We hope this information is helpful.


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