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    Seeking WWII B-19 called "Passin' Thru"

    Grace Yuhasz Adventurer

      My grandfather had a photo of a WWII plane he labeled as a B-19.  On the nose is painted "Passin' Thru".  There is some artwork on it but I am unsure what it is supposed to represent.  Is there any record set that would tell me more about this specific plane, based solely from the name on the nose?  I have no other info about it.  (My grandfather served in the U.S. Army in England & France 1943-1946.)

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          J. Andrew Scout

          There was only one XB-19 ever built.  Photographs can be found through Google Image searches.  If the plane in your photograph doesn't match that, might it be a B-17?

          If you can scan the photograph and share it here, it may give people more to go on.  Also, there are a number of online forums full of military aviation aficionados that might be able to identify things such as squadron markings.

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            Jason Atkinson Ranger

            Dear Ms. Yuhasz,


            Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


            Because the practice of assigning names to aircraft was done on an informal basis by individual crews and squadrons, there are not going to be many United States Army Air Force records that identify aircraft by nicknames.  There also were some nicknames that were applied to multiple aircraft. However, for some types of aircraft, there are unofficial references that have been published that list the nicknames for some aircraft. Please contact the National Air and Space Museum Archives to see if they can look up the aircraft using their references. Their email is NASMRefDesk@si.edu. If possible, please attach a digital scan or photograph of the original photograph when you email them.


            If they can identify the official designation of the aircraft, the National Air and Space Museum Archives of the Smithsonian Institution has custody of a microfilm copy of the Air Force and Army Air Force individual aircraft record cards.  The cards list a plane's serial number, place of manufacture, and manufacturer's contract number, and may include information for each month that the plane was in service, the place of assignment, cumulative flying hours, and any repairs or accidents.  They cover information from the date the plane was put into service to the date it was destroyed or withdrawn from service. For more information see https://airandspace.si.edu/collections/archival-collection/aircraft-history-cards.


            We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!