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    Cursive example: Capital "C"


      Sometimes, writers would put a loop at the bottom of a capital "C."  Transcribers have occasionally seen it as a number 6, or the letters "Ce."

      The third line of this letter has the name John C Cox.  Both capital Cs have that loop.


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          I found a good many documents in the Clara Barton project with the same issue. Diary entries from the time the American Red Cross spent in Constantinople, the city name was only ever abbreviated as "Cple," and never spelled out. In each instance, it was transcribed as "Ceple." What made me grin was that so often, a capital C very near that was transcribed correctly, despite that loop at the bottom.


          I tagged "Cple = Constantinople" in hopes that whoever reviewed my edits wouldn't be tempted to put that "e" back in.  :)