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    Question on Submitted Transcriptions

    Henry Rosenberg Navigator

      This is for the moderators-

      Julianne Mangin and I have been working together in Letters to Lincoln 1861 currently in January and February.  She transcribes, sends letters to me and I review. I then either accept or edit and send them back to her.


      We have had some strange occurences recently and are not sure if there is a flaw in the system or perhaps someone else is coincidently in the same section as us at the same time. Specifically, Julianne will work on a page, submit it and asks me to review it. Sometimes when I go to review, it tells me someone else is working on the page and I can do nothing with it until I exit my browser and restart it. Then other times, I will make changes,save the page and send it back to Julianne who tells me the page was not saved and the changes I made were not on the page.


      So, to reiterate, we are not sure if the system is having issues or if we have another volunteer involved who is working on the pages we are working on at the same time.

      When I talked to Victoria over the Summer I thought she said that you can track what we are working on. Is it possible to check if someone else is working where we are? We would be glad to work with them too if they would like or at the very least perhaps we could switch to another section if the problem is related to too many of us working in the same section.


      Just thought I would bring this to your attention.