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    PhD Researcher seeking help for survey


      Hello all.

      I am currently working on my PhD at King's College London and I'm doing research into the sustainability of digital communities that form around crowdsourcing projects just like By the People.

      The research is based on a sample survey of crowdsource projects in cultural heritage from a wide variety of institutions both large and small. What it seeks to explore is the major factors that contribute to building collaborative work between volunteers and institutional stakeholders in these projects. This requires finding out what motivates people to not just simply start working on a project like the ones found in By the People but what keeps them coming back time and time again. Further, the research looks into what volunteers need to have in terms of education, support, and communication from a project as well as what they expect to get in return from all the work put into a project.

      I've created a survey which covers these ideas of how volunteers see them self fitting into the wider community of By the People, as well as how they see themselves growing as an individual through the process of volunteering.


      This is exclusively for my own PhD research and not for commercial purposes. All responses are anonymous and no personal information will be shared.



      If you are interested in participating in my research please visit the following link to the survey:



      If you have any questions please feel free to email me, andrew.johnstone@kcl.ac.uk



      Thank you very much for your time it is greatly appreciated and will be really helpful in my research.