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    Seeking LST 325 Deck Logs


      LST 325 Deck Logs show a beginning date of 2/1/1943 and ending with 6/30/1945.  This ship was decommissioned in July of 1946.  Are the logs available from 7/1/45 to the decommissioning date in 1946?  Also, the ship was reactivated for service on the Artic Dew Line (MSTS) from 6/12/1951 until 1964.  Are logs available for this time period?


      Where do I ask to purchase these logs?  I am affiliated with the USS Ship Memorial, Inc. (LST 325). We are interested in completing our collection for the new Visitor's Center and Museum.


      This ship was given to Greece in May, 1964.  Maintenance and retrofits were performed before the Greeks took ownership.  Is there a list of modifications that were performed on the ship prior to May 1964?


      I appreciate any time and effort spent on the ship's behalf.  Our logs cover the dates from 1943 to June 1945.