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    Seeking articles written by Army Tech-4 Raynell Sloan

    Marie Daniely Wayfarer

      In the unit history report of the 703rd Medical and Sanitary Company, there are several references to Tech-4 Raynell E, Sloan being assigned as a Public Relations Correspondent (London).  One quote from the history stated, "Immediately, he started to turn out interesting articles dealing with individuals in the organization and operations of the unit as a whole."  Another entry said "Technician Raynell E. Sloan, 34541076, Public Relations Correspondent, had by this time become so valuable in the Department of Public Relations, London, that permission to remain on temporary duty for an additional seven (7) days was granted per paragraph 4, Special Order Number 23, Headquarters, 186th Medical Battalion (Separate), APO 229, dated 10 March 1945.  I would like to read some of his articles to see if it can help me with research of my father's military service in the 703rd.