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    Seeking to trace Indian heritage of Minnie M. Snyder


      Trying to trace Minnie M. Snyder who was born in Jordan Township, Sullivan County, PA. Family lore says she was 1/2 Cherokee. How do we trace early Indian tribes? Dawes Roll has Minnie L. but the number associated with her has no information.

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          The Dawes records are only from a very specific point in time, 1898-1914, and were of individuals living in what was called the Indian Territory in present day Oklahoma. If an individual was not there, then he or she would not be captured in those records. If Minnie M. Snyder was listed on the Dawes final rolls, she should have an enrollment packet. Please see the National Archives Dawes Records: Enrollment and Land Allotment Jackets website for more information.


          Other nationwide Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) censuses only predate the Dawes records by a few years, such as with the Eastern Cherokee as indicated here in Free US Indian Census Rolls 1885-1940. For earlier periods, the Cherokee were documented throughout the removal era in the 1800’s through a variety of census rolls. Please see the History Hub response Seeking names of Cherokee relatives for a previous response to another post that may be useful.


          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!


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