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    German translation tips

    Sharon McKinley Adventurer

      Thank you, whoever you are, translating the German. Please read these tips; otherwise I will have to fix everything!


      1. Keep your sentences as long as the ones on the page. i.e. follow their lines; when they break, you can hit return to the next line. The idea is to make the transcription easy to line up with the original.


      2. Do not translate! This has been discussed on this list. It will only confuse users to find a translation where there is none in the  original.


      3. Use  diacritics! They're very easy to produce on a Mac; not sure how to do it in Windows. Look it up! (and as an aside, if she left one out, I wouldn't put it in; we transcribe what we see)


      Thanks! Keep it up, and please go review my pages!! There are plenty of them, with lots of things I couldn't decipher. Remember  she's not a native  speaker.


      Thanks SO much,

      Sharon McKinley