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    Rosa Parks columns of names

    judith yellen Adventurer

      Many pages in Rosa Parks documents have long lists of names in two or three columns.  These lists are alphabetical but  some transcribers are attempting to  transcribe the format: 

      https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/rosa-parks-in-her-own-words/icon-in-the-making/mss859430243/mss859430243-4/  Not helpful for researching.



      Better to do a single column from A to Z like this. https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/rosa-parks-in-her-own-words/icon-in-the-making/mss859430243/mss859430243-3/

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          Henry Rosenberg Navigator

          I believe you are correct. That is a nightmare. When I did Mary Church Terrell and came across such lists, I listed them linearly. I can't tell you how much time I spent either moving names or redoing the page. It's understandable that people would think they need to format as written and I appreciate the time they spent but I hope people see this and try to do it differently, pending moderator approval.