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    Seeking Southern Claims Commission Disallowed Claims


      I understand there is a file at the National Archives on Richard Barry #10544, Southern Claims Commission Disallowed Claims but since that is a huge area was hoping to get a little help in a location there before I go or maybe its all online so I don't have to make the trip.

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          Hi Cindy -- thanks for posting to History Hub!


          The barred and disallowed case files of the Southern Claims Commission are part of the records of the U.S. House of Representatives (RG 233), which are held at the National Archives building in Washington, DC.


          These records are also searchable through Ancestry.com. Ancestry can be accessed via computers at National Archives research locations and also possibly through a local library.


          In the Southern Claims Commission Master Index (available via Ancestry), Richard Barry's claim is listed as disallowed -- the commission no. is 10544, the report no. is 3 and the office no. is 5 1/2.


          The disallowed case files are arranged by report number and then by office number -- I found in Richard Barry's file only a referral to the Court of Claims.


          This is common as many disallowed cases were further adjudicated by the Court of Claims (RG 123). In such cases, the records were forwarded to the Court. For further inquiry, you can email: archives1reference@nara.gov.






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