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    Seeking immigrant relatives' Polish passport


      I've spent hours online, and I still can't figure out how to track down my grandfather's/great-grandmother's Polish passport. They emigrated from Poland in 1922. I found their ship manifest on the Ellis Island website. I have my grandfather's Certificate of Naturalization, and I just requested his other naturalization documents from the Westchester County, NY archives. (They confirmed that they have his Certificate of Arrival, Declaration of Intention, and Petition for Naturalization.) However, they have no record of my great-grandmother's naturalization. It's entirely possible that she never pursued it.


      What I'm missing is Polish passport info. My grandfather was a minor (17 yr) upon arrival, so he'd be listed on his mother's passport. How can I find passport documentation: photo of passport including page listing my grandfather; passport number; etc? Should I file form G-639? It doesn't indicate where to postal-mail the form. I can submit it online, but I'd have to provide my grandfather's death certificate; not sure if that can be uploaded. Many thanks!