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    Seeking record of Marines' Delayed Entry Program


      If I signed up for the Marines' Delayed Entry Program, went through MEPS center, took the oath... and did not go through with it, Is there a record of this??? If so...How can I get a copy?

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          Lisha Penn Pioneer

          Dear Mr. Chappel,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          We suggest that you contact U.S. Marine Corps officials at the facility where you were scheduled to attend the Marine Recruit Training Depot (MRTD) and ask if a record of your attendance, reporting, and then declining enlistment under the Marines Delayed Entry Program exists.


          You may wish to review Marine Corps, Delayed Entry Program for more information.


          We hope this is helpful.


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              Dale R. Newbie

              I know that things change all the time in the military, but I can't find any current reference to "MRTD", or Marine Recruit Training Depot.  For decades, they were known as MCRD, Marine Corps Recruit Depot.  If that has changed, fine, but if not, I wouldn't want anyone trying to seek information based on inaccurate place names or from a place that doesn't exist.


              Secondly, if Malcolm Chappel only went through the MEPS portion of the process and never even reported to boot camp (MCRD), then most likely it is MEPS that will be his resource of information, not MCRD.



              I hope this helps.

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              Dale R. Newbie

              I signed up for the USMC Delayed Entry Program in the winter of 1980 when I turned 18 years old and was a senior in high school. I was scheduled to graduate high school in May or June of 1981, and to report for Marine Corps boot camp in late August or early September 1981.  Circumstances changed, and I left for boot camp early, in last week of July 1981.  I graduated boot camp the last week of October 1981.


              In your question, you did not state what year you signed up for the program, nor what location.  It is possible that going to the recruiting office or the MEPS* (Military Entrance Processing Station) might be a source of information for you.