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    Seeking records on Shelly Station on North Pennsylvania Railroad

    Jill Ruch Wayfarer

      Hello, I am trying to research information on a station house (Shelly Station).  I found a photograph of the station house at http://www.west2k.com/pa.htm. It was located in Shelly, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.   I believe the station house was built in 1881 and was razed in 1954.  I found that both freight and passenger travel occurred on the North Pennsylvania Railroad (a rail line from Philadelphia to Bethlehem.)


      My question:  Are there any records of passenger logs or number of passengers per day, month or year?  Are there logs of freight shipments?  I am also looking for any history about the station. Any and all information is appreciated.


      FYI:  The link above has pictures of stations in all counties of Pennsylvania.  They even include the stations that no longer exist.  Great website for history hunters.  Thank you!