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    Seeking information about George Francis Manning


      I would love to get some assistance in getting to the bottom of a family mystery. I won't go into full details here, as it's a bit of a long story, but in short, I am trying to find out what happened to my Grandmother's husband, a member of the US Army, who she married in the UK on 13 September 1944. He disappeared shortly after and she never saw him again.


      I am currently trying to pry the threads apart on his military career. He made an application for naturalization in June 1944 at SBS Plymouth in the UK (England). His D.O.B. is listed as 28 June 1916 and his army serial number as 32321861. I attach a copy here. GFM Naturalization Application


      I have an enlistment record for a George F Manning, D.O.B 24 June 1915 with an army serial number of 20253418, an initial enlistment date of 8 Dec 1936, living at 7505 5th Ave.


      GFM enlistment record – 1936


      I have, however, reason to believe they are the same person. The 1940 Census lists a Francis Manning as living at the same address, 7505 5th Ave, in 1935 and 1940. The discrepancy with the name is possibly due to the fact that over the years he is listed as Frank or Francis in earlier records. The other occupants at the address (surname King) are people I believe to be his maternal relatives. (He arrived on the Cameronia with his (ostensible?) Aunt, Margaret King and then appears to live with her an her relatives in New York, rather than his Mother or Father, John and Annie Manning, née King).


      So, my initial question is really if it is possible that these two records refer to the same person? Is there anywhere else I could look as far as military records that may shine some light on the issue? Unfortunately, I don't really know how to decipher the military references on each document. I was hoping to find someone who may be willing and able to help me do that. Many thanks!

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          Elliot Schneider Ranger

          Hello Jody,


          Burial case files (later called the Individual Deceased Personnel File or IDPF) from 1915-WWII are in the custody of the National Archives at St. Louis (RL-SL), P.O. Box 38757, St. Louis, MO 63138-1002. For access to these records, please contact RL-SL via email at stl.archives@nara.gov.






          For WWII-1976, the National Archives at St. Louis (RL-SL) currently holds the Army Individual Deceased Personnel Files for men with surnames A-L. They have not yet received the records of veterans with surnames M-Z. In order to request those records please write to U.S. Army Human Resources Command, Casualty & Memorial Affairs Operations Division, ATTN: AHRC-PDC, 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Department 450, Fort Knox, KY 40122-5405.


          However if he was with the N.Y National Guard prior to being federalized for the war not sure if they would have different records.






          Elliot Schneider

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            Lisa Sharik Adventurer

            According to the NARA-AAD enlistment database George F Manning, service number 20253418 was born in New York in 1915, was a member of the New York National Guard prior to federal service and was in the Field Artillery.


            Your other George Manning was born in 1916 in Scotland, and served in the 112th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division.  His service number does not come up in the database.


            Not saying the couldn't still be the same person but that is what I found.


            Lisa Sharik

            Deputy Director

            Texas Military Forces Museum

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              joan stachnik Tracker

              HI Jody, looking at the Petition for Naturalization, your relative appears to have served in the 108th Field Artillery Battalion, Battery C.  Since you know he was in this unit in June 1944 and stationed in England, you could try looking through the morning reports for this unit, starting with this date. The MRs would list transfers, men killed in action, etc., which might give you information as to what happened to him. These are available at the St. Louis National Archives.


              Also, Familysearch.org (a free service after registration) has a ship manifest, listing a Frank George Manning (age 6) arriving in NY with his aunt (Margaret King) in Sept 23 1922 on the Cameronia from Glasgow (sorry if you already have this information). But I would think the two Mannings you mention in your post are not related.


              And as per Elliot's suggestion, also try to request his official military files from the St. Louis Archives. Although most files were destroyed, sometimes there is information available.  Hope this is of some help. joan

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                  Thanks Joan, this is very helpful!


                  The ship manifest you found is correct, that is definitely my George Francis (Frank) Manning.


                  I have also long thought that there were two George F Mannings in NY to untangle. Hopefully I can do that definitively.


                  For me, the confusion stems from the fact that the 1936 address of George F Manning born in 1915 in NY appears to be the same as that of 'my' George F Manning in 1940 on the census (stating he was also living at the same address in 1935). It seems odd, and I would love to be able to confirm for definite that they were two different people.


                  You mention the Morning Reports – I assume that these are not available online? I am not able to come to St. Louis (alas!)

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                      joan stachnik Tracker

                      Hi Jody, no MRs are not online. They are microfilm at the St. Louis Archives and include the daily activities of a military unit, as well as changes in unit personnel (transfers, wounded, missing, KIA, AWOL, furloughs, etc).  I don't know if you can request copies directly from the Archives. 


                      Before I went to the Archives to do the research myself, I did hire a researcher to copy a few months of MRs I wanted for a specific unit (cost was comparable to a trip there for me).  They are very useful documents when you are trying to trace someone's military service. Something to consider if you cannot obtain service records for your George Manning. joan

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                    Kevin Neal Newbie


                    For what it is worth - or more confusing (?) - I did some searches and came up with the following information and want to point out - it is only cursory and no specific authenticity is offered.  IF you see some information you believe to be accurate and you can add information - like your Grandmother's name (?) or other family / residence information?


                    U. S. Social Security Index

                    Name:     George Francis Manning [George F Manning]

                    Gender:  Male   Race:  White  Birth Date:  24 Jun 1916   Birth Place: Flushing L I, New York

                    Death Date:  28 Sep 1994

                    Father:     John Manning  Mother: Ann King 

                    SSN:     132-05-2908 Death Certificate Number:     451831

                    Notes:     Oct 1937: Name listed as GEORGE FRANCIS MANNING; 22 May 1998: Name listed as GEORGE F MANNING



                    1920 Census

                    George Manning - age 3 (born abt 1917) - NY

                    Home:  Second Ave. Pelham, Westchester, NY

                    Son of John J. Manning - born Massachusetts and Anna C. Manning born Canada

                    Other Household members- All Manning's

                    Margarette , 21

                    Alfred F. , 20

                    Robert, 17

                    James A, 16

                    John J., 11

                    Andrew, 9

                    Daniel, 7

                    Lawrence, 5

                    George - 3

                    Elizabeth, 3

                    Sarah, 1

                    Anna - months old


                    1916 NY State Birth Records show George Manning born January 19, 1916 - N. Pelham

                    1938 NY Marriage License - George F. Manning Married Angelica Marinozzi 6/15/1938

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                        Thank you, Kevin, I'm grateful for your contribution.


                        I have been convinced for some time that the SSI entry you posted relates to the George F Manning I am researching.


                        'My' George F Manning's mother was Anne (Anna/Annie) King, born in Scotland and father was John King, also born in Scotland. He travelled over on the SS Cameronia in 1922 accompanied by his 'Aunt' Margaret King, Annie's sister.  His parents had arrived in NY a couple of years earlier. In NY he lives with Margaret King and the other King siblings (Patrick, Michael, Helen) and not with his parents. Annie King dies in 1929 (She is buried with her sisters Margaret and Helen – by a veritable twist of fate someone happened to photograph her headstone and post it online....)


                        Thanks for your help!

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                          Just found this death notice for the George Manning born in Pelham:


                          Name:George L. Manning
                          Birth Date:19 Jan 1916
                          Birth Place:Pelham, Westchester County, New York, United States of America
                          Death Date:29 Dec 1992
                          Death Place:Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey, United States of America
                          Cemetery:Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
                          Burial or Cremation Place:Totowa, Passaic County, New Jersey, United States of America
                          Has Bio?:Y
                          Father:John Joseph Manning
                          Mother:Anastasia Cecelia Manning
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                          Lisha Penn Navigator

                          Dear Ms. Manning,


                          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


                          We searched the World War II Operations Reports, 1940-1948 in the Records of the Adjutant General’s Office (Record Group 407) and located After Action Reports for July 1944 - May 9, 1945 of 108th Field Artillery Battalion. For access to and/or copies, please contact the National Archives at College Park - Textual Reference (RDT2) via email at archives2reference@nara.gov.


                          We are unable to determine if those two documents included in your request are for the same person. Therefore, we suggest that you request a copy of his Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). OMPFs and individual medical reports for enlisted men of the U.S. Army who were separated from the service after October 1912 and prior to 1955 are in the custody of NARA’s National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis. In many cases where personnel records were destroyed in the 1973 fire, proof of service can be provided from other records such as morning reports, payrolls, and military orders, and a certificate of military service will be issued. Please complete a GSA Standard Form 180 and mail it to NARA’s National Personnel Records Center, (Military Personnel Records), 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis, MO 63138-1002.


                          We also searched Ancestry and located All Military Results for George Francis Manning; and All Death, Burial, Cemetery & Obituary Results. There may be a fee for using Ancestry to access digitized records. However, you may view these records online at one of NARA's facilities for free via a NARA PC. For the nearest NARA location, please consult our web page at https://www.archives.gov/locations/.


                          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!


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                            I realised I also have a photo, not sure if it helps.



                            It's worth noting that he appeared to have a tendency towards embellishment - on his wedding certificate to my grandmother he stated he was a Master Sergeant in a Parachute Battalion, that his father was a hotelier and that his address in New York was the Lexington Hotel.... Family legend has it that soon after they married he was carted away for having gone AWOL and was never seen again...