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    Seeking number of U.S. military personnel in Japan


      In the 1993 article "The Dagger and the Gift: The Impact of the Korean War on Japan" by Roger Dingman, published in The Journal of American-East Asian Relations Vol. 2, No. 1, the author gives conflicting statements about the number of U.S. military personnel in Japan in 1953. The text says 350,000, but the footnote to that text gives 263,350. The citation is "'U.S. Military Personnel Strengths by Country, 1948-1962,' data provided by Office of Secretary Defense to author, 1989." I would like to see the same data to determine which of the author's numbers is correct.


      This question has proven difficult to Google, and my usual go-to-books like Takemae Eiji's Inside GHQ haven't been as helpful as I'd like. If anyone is able to point me towards a good resource, I'd like to have the numbers of U.S. military personnel in Japan between 1960 and 1975 as well. Thank you!