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    Seeking Technical Sergeant insignia for 1951-52


      My father's US Army discharge papers indicate he was promoted to "Sgt(T)" Technical Sergeant in Nov. 1951. He was serving in the 8th Army, Japan Logistical Command, 8012th Composite Service Company, Sendai, Japan. I'm creating a shadow box of his insignia. I want to be historically accurate to his time of service.


      I have learned that the the Army discontinued Tech. Sgt. in 1948 and the rank was renamed Sgt. First Class. These are stripes from this period (not from my father's uniform) in the "Goldenlite" style for non-combat troops. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) In addition, the Army abandoned Goldenlite stripes in February 1951. Larger 3-inch-wide olive-drab-on-dark-blue stripes were adopted. Which insignia should I use?

      sergeant stripes: 3 chevrons 2 rockers