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    Looking for Curtiss SB2C/SBW/SBF Bureau Numbers


      Looking for Curtiss SB2C/SBW/SBF Bureau Numbers, specifically those demolished at NAS Clinton, OK, after WWII (more than 300 were stored there around 1946).  Also interested in same aircraft bureau numbers for those Helldivers sent to foreign governments (Australia, Greece, England, Portugal, etc.).  I would think that aircraft destroyed on purpose at US bases in the US would have recorded such events and put them in a record, as well as logs/paperwork from aircraft carriers that transported ships to foreign governments?  Been through the usual sources (Joe Baugher, ships logs, etc.) but not finding anything.  Maybe NARA has something or would I need to search through the Smithsonian's Aircraft History Cards (microfiche)?  Thanks for anyone pointing me in right direction.

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          Navy records in NARA’s custody do not include the record of the disposal/destruction of individual pieces of equipment, vehicles, or aircraft.  Under normal Department of the Navy records management procedures, such documentation is considered temporary and would be destroyed after administrative use. 


          Navy aircraft history cards serve as a compilation of the locations and assigned units of the aircraft at set inventory times or as a record of transfers between locations or units. They do not record the complete history and activity of an individual aircraft. They also do not include information about missions or crews, nor do they record exact locations or manners of loss. The Smithsonian Online Virtual Archives provides a description of the U.S. Navy Aircraft History Cards in their custody. For access to Navy aircraft history cards from 1913 to October 1986, please contact the National Air and Space Museum Archives, 14390 Air & Space Museum Parkway, Chantilly, VA 20151. The telephone number is (703) 572-4045 and the email address is NASMRefDesk@si.edu.

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          [Information provided by Nate Patch, Subject Matter Expert]

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