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    Seeking assistance with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian Rolls


      I have been told my whole life that my family is Cherokee from NC and also Cherokee from Oklahoma and Cheyenne somewhere. So I have been able to find my Grandmother on my mother's side on the Oklahoma Dawes Rolls, which indicated that she was Creek Indian, gave me her Roll number, her age, my great-grandmother's name, and that she was 3/4 Creek. Now I'm trying to find my father's side of the family on the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian Rolls. I found there are a lot of different rolls. And I have found some of the Rolls and there number on Microfilm, But I have not been able to access them. I have looked at the National Archives and also messaged them but am still waiting to hear back. So any help any one can give us on finding my grandfather's name on a roll would be truly appreciated.