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    Seeking Civilian Conservation Corps records for Rudolph Valentino Kirk


      My dad, Rudolph Valentino Kirk, I (1912-1983), was the first African-American deputy sheriff in the State of Louisiana since Reconstruction, born in Homer, LA, Claiborne Parish, (Northwest Louisiana). He was sworn in July 2, 1952, served for 27 years without ever firing his gun in the line of duty.


      He served in the Civilian Conservation Corps [CCC], the Director and Spiritual Leader of 9,000 men. Sheriff Henry A. "Ham" Reid, Jr., recruited my Dad to serve in his capacity. They were life-long friends, in Calcasieu Parish, Southwest Louisiana. Thus, will need to tell both their stories. I need records from the CCC organization; access to Dad's birth certificate (not available in the local hall of records), to determine his name at birth. That is, did it include Valentino, or was that added later?


      Also in tracing his genealogy on the paternal side, we can go back to his unnamed great-grandmother, an enslaved woman, who came from Tennessee with two of her five children, Caesar and Jack (my dad's grandfather), and would like to find out her name, any other available information as well as trace the three children forced to remain in Tennessee. Dad was also a 33 degree Prince Hall Mason. Thank you for any assistance in this matter.